What is your name or what do you want to be called? 

If I use this in a video, this is what I will refer to you as.
What's your poker background?

What stakes do you normally play? Mostly cash or tournaments? Home games or casino games? Are you profitable?
What have you done to work on your game?

What books have you read, training sites you have used, tell me what you have done to work on your game?
What are your poker goals?

Do you want to be making $X/hour? What stakes do you want to be playing, and for how many hours per week? Are you looking to make side income or become a professional?
Where was this hand played?

Was this a cash game or tournament hand?

What stakes was this hand played at?

What was the buy-in if it was a tournament hand, and what were the blinds?
What are the game dynamics?

What is our image? What is this table like? Any history or reads on any of the other players?
What was the preflop action?

Your cards, position, relevant stack sizes, and everything that happened preflop.
What was the flop action?

What was the turn action?

What was the river action?